Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Enhancing performance is a common goal for many, but what if there are fundamental fitness issues hindering you from reaching your true potential?

Our sports performance evaluation gives you those answers and is an innovative approach to fitness testing to get you the most efficient path to optimal performance.  Our Evaluation is designed to test five (5) key components of athletic capacity and identify issues affecting an individual's ability to: 

  • Fundamental movement patterns
  • Ability to produce power
  • Ability to store and reuse energy
  • Maintain posture under load
  • Control balance 
Price Points

Basic- FMS Screen- $50

Intermittent- FMS Screen + YBT balance Test- $100

Advanced- FMS Screen + YBT Balance Test + Power Testing + FCS Assesment - $150

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The Tools We Use

The Most Complete Sports Performance Evaluation in Overland Park