Impact Health and Performance is your Overland Park Ks baseball performance center.
Dr. Ryan is a certified On Base U provider.

On Base U preaches the Body-Swing connection and promotes the Baseball Coach, Medical, and Fitness Trainer triangle in the advancement of baseball around the world. We utilize OBU screens to guide injured baseball players from pain to optimal performance.

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Physical Screening

We have a very specific philosophy that we use to describe the human body.  It is very simple and involves the interplay between Mobility and Stability. Because of this philosophy, we incorporate movement screens to help evaluate each player. Let's go over a little of the background about movement screening as well as mobility and stability, and then will discuss our philosophy.

Fundamental movement screens help identify faulty stability patterns and altered mobility better than isolated musculoskeletal exams. For example, take the following test results:

  • Tight hip flexors
  • Weak glutes

These results are very common, and one could assume that the primary problem here is the tight hip flexors. But most of these people will show a very different result on a functional movement screen. In other words, because the hip flexor is tight when the player is asked to perform a movement involving hip extension, the glute will show weakness since the over-active hip flexor will actively shut down the glute and recruit synergistic muscles instead. Therefore, the glute must be retrained to engage as well.

Video Analysis
  • This consists of taking two videos of your swing. The first one is from a face-on view. The second is from behind the home plate. 
  • The purpose of the video analysis is to look for swing faults. 
  • Swing faults are characteristics in a swing that could be hindering performance (power/accuracy), or they are injury producing mechanics. 
Power Testing
  • The power test we use is part of the curriculum in TPI's advanced Power and Fitness seminars.  Power testing allows you to see where your power numbers stack up against other golfers your age around the world.
  • A good takeaway from the data is to understand how much horsepower your body is capable of relative to others your age playing baseball.
  • This will give you context as to how fast might be realistic to expect yourself to swing at our current age and even into your 70s.
  • It might be an eye-opener that you are really far behind the average baseball player your age, or that you are the cream of the crop when it comes to your age group. Either way, it is a nice benchmark and a good way to know objectively where you stand

Click here to watch Dr. Rose explain power testing in a clip from the Golf Channel

3D Motion Capture
  • Using data collected from 3D motion analysis systems (K-Vest), we can look at how hitters generate speed and transfer the speed or energy throughout their bodies.
  • We have found the most efficient sequence of how they get this speed to the bat speed. We call this the “Kinematic Sequence”.
  • The amazing thing is that all great hitters have a remarkably similar kinematic sequence of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their bodies.
  • That means if you compare Aaron Judge’ kinematic sequence to Alex Gordon's kinematic sequence, it’s hard to show a difference.


Price Points
All packages include a 6 week follow up

High School Varsity- This includes OBU Physical screen+ FMS Screen + OBU Video Analysis + Full Report with Physical Training Recommendations - $150 

Minor League- This includes High School Varsity + Power Testing - $300

Major League - This Includes High School Varsity + Minor League+ 3D motion Capture+ Ground Force Reaction Analysis- $500

World Series - This Includes High School Varsity + Minor League + Major League + 6 Weeks of Doctor Directed Personal Training -$1000

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