Best treatment for neck pain is chiropractic care in Overland Park.

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In this blog, we are going to explore what the top health organizations are saying about the best way to treat neck pain. We are going to talk about the bottom line facts about this common painful area. It is widely treated by chiropractors across the globe. We will then get into why it matters that you know this information. Then finally we will discuss the best next steps to take when considering treatment for your neck pain with a chiropractor. As your local Overland Park Ks, chiropractor Dr. Ryan and Impact Health and Performance team see it as our job to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice for care. Let’s dive in!

Bottom Line: A chiropractor is the best option for neck pain.

Have you ever slept wrong and woke up with neck pain? If you have you know exactly how defeating it can be. Driving to work and even laying down at night can be scary. The annual prevalence of nonspecific neck mechanical neck pain is estimated to range between 30% and 50% of people at some point in their lives. Top journals like Spine and JMPT are publishing their treatment recommendations to treat these conditions. Their recommendations could surprise you.

Why It Matters
Twenty-seven percent of patients seeking chiropractic treatment report neck or cervical problems. Thus, the treatment of neck pain is an integral part of chiropractic practice. Interventions commonly used in chiropractic care improve outcomes for the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain greater than rest ice and NSAIDs.

The days of taking drugs and medications for back pain are over. Prescriptions are now rarely recommended as a first option because of their dangerous side effects and, frankly, lack of results.

  • The best evidence says that therapies involving manual therapy and exercise are more effective than alternative strategies for patients with neck pain.
  • Spinal manipulative therapy is recommended for the treatment of acute neck pain for both short- and long-term benefits used in combination with other treatment modalities.
  • Home exercise with advice or training is recommended in the treatment of acute neck pain for both long- and short-term benefits

Next Steps

We are happy that major, trusted healthcare organizations have evolved to support natural ways to find relief from neck pain. If you or someone you know is struggling with neck pain in Overland Park, reach out to us today. Our practice will provide you with our thorough evaluation to determine the source of your problem and the best unique care plan designed specifically to help you find relief.


Bryans, R. (2013). Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Chiropractic Treatment of Adults With Neck Pain. Journal of Manipulative Physiological therapeutics.

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