Want Hit It like DJ or Rory?
Better mobility will be your key

Rory and DJ are two incredibly gifted athletes. They have two distinctly looking swings. But they share one common theme, they move and rotate very well. 

By Increasing your range of motion in your ankle, hips, and thorax you will be able to create a bigger turn. This will allow you to load more energy, which will create more distance off the tee.

Give these self-assessments and drills below a try.

Or Book a Weekend Warrior TPI assessment and we will give you the ones you need for you and your body. 

Weekend Warrior TPI Assessment

Ankle Mobility Assessment and Drills

Dorsiflexion rocking from half Kneeling with a club 10x each side
Open Half Kneeling Ankle Mobility Rocking with Kettlebell 10x each side

Hip Mobility Assessment and Drills

Hip Drops 10 times each leg

Tri-planer Hip opener 10 sec hold

Thorax Mobility Assessment and Drills

Thorax Open Books 10 times each way

Half-Kneeling thorax rotations and side bend 4 sets each way